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LCR45 Passiv komponent impedans tester 21002

LCR45 Passiv komponent impedans tester


The LCR45 by Peak Electronics is a compact impedance meter. The meter measures both the real and the inductive/capacitive part of the impedance a circuit has. This is displayed on the alphanumeric screen. When a component or circuit is connected and the test button is pressed, the LCR45 displays the component type and its properties. The measurements get updated continuously, which allows the user to make changes on the fly. The LCR45 can measure both automatically or manually. Measurement results can be displayed in either complex or polar values.


Resistance measurement range 0 - 2 MΩ
Resistance precision ± 1.0 %
Capacitance measurement range 0 - 10.000 µF
Capacitance precision ± 1.5 %
Inductance measurement range 0 - 10 H
Inductance precision ± 1.5 %
Dimension 103 x 70 x 20 mm

For more information the data sheet or the user manual can be viewed here.


All LCR45 devices come bundled with:

  • Manual
  • Gold-plated measurement tips, with separate clips
  • Battery

LCR45 userguide

LCR45 datasheet


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